Life in the Big City
is fun, fun, fun!!! I actually live in the suburbs, but I love going downtown. There's so much going on. There's the Grand Prix auto races in June, the 4th of July Fireworks, The Hoe-Down at Hart Plaza and Windsor, Ontario is just a hop, skip and a jump through the Detroit-Windsor tunnel or a short drive across the Ambassador Bridge!

Detroit's a GREAT sports town. The Tigers, The Pistons, The Lions and, everybody's favorite: The DETROIT RED WINGS!!! The new baseball and football stadiums will be open in a few years and everybody's keeping an eye on the Red Wings.
Sports, Sports and more Sports...
and Cars, Cars and more Cars!

The don't call it The Motor City for nothin'. They were built here and we love 'em. All makes and models, including MY favorite (bet you already guessed) the '55 T-Bird. Wish they made 'em like that now!

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